Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Online Review --- Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Space Heater

Here's My Online Review (written on Feb 4, 2010):

My entire (large & drafty) bedroom feels like a warm, sunny afternoon! It's 40-degree weather outside.
My central heat is set at 60 (for entire house) & I'm using my new Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz Heater at LOW setting in my bedroom (with the door open)!

Sitting 4 feet away feels like the sun is shining on my body.
It's sitting on the floor. I'm sitting in a regular easy-chair.
Standing 15 feet away is very, very WARM!
I haven't even needed the HIGH setting.

Used it last night & had to get up & turn it off after a few hrs (and throw off all covers).

I debated between this heater & the smaller model from Optimus (that looks like a little fan).
Based on another review, I picked THIS one.
It's great! I love this little gem! I just ordered another one!

- Warm!
- Sun-like heat!....Warms you to-the-bones!
- Low setting is fine for me!...saving electricity
.....and I'm very COLD-natured!!!!!
- Cord does NOT get hot (like my other space heaters do)...on low
.....Can't tell you about the "high" setting, yet.
.....Don't know if I'll EVER need the "high" setting.
- The 400-watt (low) setting is JUST as warm (in SAME room & temps) as my other 1500 watt heaters!
- Quiet (you can't hear it at all)
- Sides & back of unit are NOT hot.
- Furniture that's 3 feet away (from front)is NOT hot....but the air is summer-beach-setting WARM
- Amazon delivered TO my front door in less-than 48 hours!...with Free SuperSaver Shipping!

- No thermostat
- Control knob turns ONE way (confusing in the dark)
...You just have to LOOK to see what setting you're on
.....(Low, High or Off)...based on what tube is lit (or not)
.....I just unplug it when I'm warm enough.
- The TOP tube stays lit for "low".
...Will probably burn out long before the bottom one will

I can't give it a lower rating for these "Con's".
I can live with them if I have WARM heat that feels THIS good &
NO hot cord & LESS electricity consumption.
This is a 5-star "deal" if you're looking for:
- Sunlike warmth!
- Low electricity consumption for space heating
- NO hot cords!!!
I'll forget about those $300 to $500 heaters (that I've wondered about on TV infomercials).
This inexpensive heater seems like it's very, very similar to their "claims" (except that it DOES get HOT on FRONT side).
So....if you have small children, be as cautious with this one as you would with ANY other space heater.
And, do NOT place anything nearby that might fall on this heater (and cause a fire).
Warms FINE 4 feet away from your bed; but don't even think about using in a child's room unattended by an adult!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Amazing Stuff I've Found!

My new favorite space heater !!! :
Optimus Infrared Quartz Radiant H-5210
.......OIQR (I'll call it my "Oiker").......

It took me 50+ years to discover this little gem!
I've been cold-natured all of my life.
I dread winter-time in humid Houston every year.
I'm cold down to my bones 60 days a year!

I just bought this miraculous space heater after a thorough search of all options out there.
It feels like a warm sunny day! the middle of February & 40-degree weather outside.
My home is drafty (and needs some of that green-energy-work everyone is talking about these days).
But, my little OIQR ("Oiker") is producing warmth to my bones.
It feels like July on the beach!
Reminds me of those happy teenage years on Surfside Beach.
What a lift!
Warmth & great memories, too!!!

And, it didn't cost me $350+ (like those infomercials talk about on TV).
I paid less-than $30 for this amazing little gem!
It produces:
- Soft heat
- LOTS of penetrating heat!
- Radiant heat (directed to ME)
Yet, it's still warming the entire room, too!!!
Just like sunshine!

It uses 400 watts (on low setting).
The cord is NOT hot!!!
Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A space heater that doesn't produce a HOT cord (after a few hours)!
Something I thought I'd never find!

And, I promise:
It's producing warmer heat than my oil-filled heater or my micathermic heater (that both use 1500 watts.....and over-heat their cords & scare me).
The smart tech-guys will tell you that 1500 watts produces the SAME amount of heat, regardless what you buy.
Maybe that's so (as they see it....from their technical point-of-view).
But, this cold-natured old lady KNOWS how it "FEELS"!
And, my 400-watt "Oiker" feels SO much warmer to this old body!!!!!

What a find!
I just knew I'd have to break down & buy one of those $350+ eden things (or something similar) to try out REAL soft, sun-like heat that warms-a-room on a cold winter night.
But, this baby (for less than $30) does the trick!
And, the reviews were SO much better than the reviews for those eden things. I sure didn't want to spend $350 to $500 for a heater...only to have it stop working after 1 year.

I'm on cloud 9!
I hate to waste money.
But, I LOVE to be WARM!